Mint Studio with Two dancers
1. Room Filling Power Sound
Mint Studio produces ear blasting 103 dB sound power that your laptop speaker never dreamed of

Mint wireless computer speaker sound quality testing video
2. Easy Wireless Connection
Just plug the USB transmitter into your laptop and enjoy rich and powerful sound wirelessly

Mint wireless computer speaker easy set up video for PC and mac
3. Reliable Wireless Range
Mint Studio provides 100ft wireless range in a normal living area. It even covers over 300ft in an open area

Wireless operating range up to 100 yard between USB transmitter with laptop and wireless speakers
4. Multi-Room Capability
You can enjoy the same audio wirelessly in up to three rooms

Easy multi room set up demo video for Mint Studio wireless computer speaker system
5. Play and Charge your iPod
Mint Studio also charges and plays your iPod and iPhone. Mint remote offers 9 dedicated buttons for your iPod

iPod function video of Mint Studio wireless computer speaker system
6. Unlimited Source of Audio
Mint Studio plays anything your laptop plays. Both stored and internet connected audio are no problem!

Button image for Mint Studio wireless computer speaker detail product page link
with wireless
computer speakers,
7. Proven Technology
Mint pioneered USB wireless speaker technology since 2006. 3rd generation technology can’t go wrong.

Ships in
1 Business Day
30 day money back guarantee of wireless audio product
Mint Studio introduction video


Easy Wireless Connection

plug, play and enjoy easy set up process of Mint wireless computer speaker system






Plug the Mint USB
Wireless Transmitter
into your PC/Mac

Play anything
from your PC/Mac
(music, videos, games..)

Enjoy clear and bigger sound
from your Mint Speakers wirelessly!


1. Lossless Wireless Connection(No Compression)

Mint Di-Fi streams any audio wirelessly, as it is stored without any compression up to 96KHZ, 24Bit which exceeds audio CD quality.(Most Bluetooth wireless compresses audio due to its low steaming capacity.)

Lossless wireless connection vs. Audio CD and MP3

Mint Di-Fi Technology adapts an 12S(inter-IC Sound) which is an electrical serial bus interface standard for lossiess wireless connection between Mint wireless USB transmitter and speakers.

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